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les-millsLes Mills has taken the at home workout world by storm with his hardcore, intense, and highly effective exercise DVDs. With his combination of cardio and strength training, people end up blasting fat and turning their bodies into sleek and toned machines.

PUMP is known for only requiring three workouts a week to get a leaner and more fit body by basing at-home workouts on his extremely popular gym workout Body Pump. The workout series promises flat abs, toned legs, and trim arms. The key to the workout’s effectiveness is the “rep effect T” where lighter weights are used at a higher repetition rate to boost the heart rate and burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

The PUMP Revolution DVD brings the heart rate up with power presses and lunges to create lean muscle in a 55 minute workout. PUMP Extreme focuses solely on strength training with targeted movements designed to build muscle throughout the entire body. A 20 minute ab workout works every muscle in the core to burn fat and reveal the powerhouse of muscles hidden beneath it.

In Les Mills‘ Body Combat, Les Mills promises a stronger and slimmer body in only 60 days when dedicating themselves to the mixed martial arts regimen. They combined some of the toughest and most effective moves from seven different MMA disciplines in a workout that promises to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour.

The Extreme Cardio Fighter DVD uses a high repetition series of movements that quickly strengthens muscles while using cardio to blast fat away. The Ultimate Warrior’s Workout targets the entire body: legs, upper body, abs, and butt with muscle strengthening and cardio. Two different HIIT DVDs utilize high intensity interval training to maximize weight loss with short spurts of intense effort.

The Ultimate Warrior program targets four important parts of fitness: balance and flexibility, lower body definition, upper body strength, and the core. Core Attack uses isolated movements to specifically use each major muscle in the abs giving participants a trimmer back, a flatter stomach, and vanishing love handles. The Inner Warrior focuses on flexibility and balance with martial arts movements designed to round out fitness so people aren’t just toned and strong but also flexible and balanced.

The Upper Body Blow Out uses weighted exercises combined with body resistance to add major definition to triceps, biceps, shoulders, and the back. Finally, the Lower Body Lean Out creates an enviable butt and sculpted legs also using mixed martial arts movements. The entire lower body is targeted and also melts fat away while creating more lean muscle.

If you think you cannot do it because of joint problems, use turmeric curcumin supplements that have well-known anti-inflammation properties that will help you withstand the pressure from a program such as Body Pump.

Les Mills promises great results with all of his workouts when users are dedicated to the program and combine them with a healthy diet. People can go from a weak, out of shape body to a strong, athletic physique in just a few months’ time.

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