Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street: Will The Change Be For the Benefit Of Human Kind?

Occupy Wall Street was called by few as the Tea Party of the Left. This is one of the most influential revolutions of the century. The members consist of the Generation Y with individuals born between 1982 and 2001. The revolution was started off by the Canadian group Adbusters on September 17, 2011 in Zuccotti Park in Wall Street. The specialty of this movement is that it was started by the people protesting against inequalities in social and economic status. They aim to change the regimen where the 1% of the rich class handles the decision making of the government.

The movement was begun for a general cause and the pin point reason cannot be stated. But the initial and major cause has been the rift that has been created between the rich investors and the rest of the population. This is the first time a revolution was started off on the internet without a single leader to lead it. This one differs from the earlier labor protests or marches in not having a particular end point goal and there is no set of long goals either. People demanded for equality in jobs, better income and to stop the profound influence of corporations on the state politics.

They have the strongest protest slogan “We are the 99%” which strongly claims that 99% of the common people have to abide by the rules and suffer the mistakes done by the 1% of corporates. The movement clearly brings into light the illegal powers of this 1% of income makers. This revolution by the youth had set a different outlook in themselves. They feared none, they believed that they could change the world and this started the Occupy Wall Street movement. Technological advancements have also be contributed to the success of the OWS.

The movement even spread to Asia and Europe. Occupy Wall Street after it initially began in US, there were similar movements all round the world in 950 cities and 80 countries. The revolution found several supporting statements and even a whole lot of criticisms. President Obama, tactically supported the Occupy Wall Street movement in one of his news conferences soon after. The revolution is bound to be a great success till it remains away from the corporate sponsors like Party Poker. Once political infiltrators come up with support and delve into the group, things might change for the worse.

This revolution has no cast, creed or color, rightly called as a world revolution. And the best part is that, there is no violence involved in any of the Occupy Wall Street revolts and it has taken its inspiration from the Arab Spring uprising of 2010. The youth have been revoked and enlightened and are up against politicians and their vows to build a better society. The group has been since then supporting several causes like Women’s Day, May 1st General Strike, March 1st national Day of Action in Defense of Education and other causes for the benefit of the society. It is the ‘People’s Assembly’ that makes the decision in the Occupy Wall Street Group.

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