A new study finds coastal waters and water supplies along a fifth of U.S. coasts are vulnerable to pollution from hidden underground water transfers between oceans and land. Study maps show hidden water pollution in U.S. coastal areas. There is a difference between the East Coast and West Coast pollution though. It is interesting to note that the East Coast and the West Coast of the United States are as similar as they are different. This ambiguity is no more apparent than in these two distinct regions and they are largely responsible for the diversity and unique makeup of the country’s inhabitants.

The Supreme Court case and the petition from the East Coast states underscores one clear fact: air pollution regulations, including for climate change, boil down to the problem of coal. Coal is by far the most polluting form of power generation used in the U.S. and Midwestern and Appalachian states depend disproportionately on coal power.

Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals, particulate matter, or biological materials that cause harm or discomfort to humans or other living organisms, or damages the natural environment into the atmosphere. Ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the United States, America has had much trouble with environmental issues, air pollution in particular.

The pollution off the United States East Coast is rising. Great swirls of pollution cover the northeastern United States and parts of Canada in a true-color Terra MODIS image recently acquired. While clouds in such image appear solidly white, the pollution is a murky, semi-transparent gray that makes indistinct the image’s geographic and aquatic scenery.

The type of pollution that can be found at the East Coast Beaches such as Myrtle Beach is alarming. Although the New York-New Jersey coast was cleaned up recently, South Carolina suffers from extreme pollution. Companies such Dumpster Rental Services, Myrtle Beach are trying to help by renting dumpsters to the residents, but more work is needed to boost our commitment in recycling and avoiding wastage.

The East Coast states, including New York and Connecticut, have for more than 15 years been subject to stricter air pollution requirements than many other parts of the country. Pollution over United States East Coast is critical. Air quality across the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States is less than ideal in late June 2019. Much of the pollution is likely smoke from forest fires in the West and fires in Canada’s prairie provinces to the north.

Looking at a light Pollution map of the USA might be chilling to some. The dark areas are the best place to view the stars, milky way, and deep space objects. As can be seen from such light pollution map of the United States most of the light pollution is in the eastern half of the US. There is also a band of light pollution along the west coast.

Along the East Coast Greenway, 50 key rivers total over 7,000 miles. All of the original 13 colonies are on the East Coast. Pennsylvania doesn’t directly touch the coast, but the Delaware River does. Up until the emergence of railroads in the 1830’s, rivers and other waterways were the most commonly used way to travel long distances in the U.S.

Priorities are required for the coastal ecosystem study. The committee began its work by identifying the most significant issues confronting coastal environments. This assessment was based on the collective experience of committee members as well as perspectives gained from background documents. The recently completed Regional Marine Research Plans does not paint a reassuring picture of pollution on the East Coast.

In a paper about airports, air pollution and contemporaneous health (NBER Working Paper No. 17684), authors Wolfram Schlenker and Reed Walker show how runway traffic congestion from East Coast airports influences runway congestion on the West Coast, subsequently increasing pollution levels in areas surrounding California airports. They find that these East Coast pollutants affect the entire country.

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